The Science behind Breakdowns

Time efficient, fast response mechanic for trucks.

Roadside breakdowns are an exact science. Over the last year, RNR has handled thousands of roadside breakdowns. Every breakdown has a uniqueness to it, but as we have observed, there is direct relationships between factors that increase the up-time of the vehicle getting back onto the road, in the quickest time possible. As such we can predict within a 90% accuracy after the first half an hour, when the time to fix a breakdown will miss the mark due to the following failures:

Failure 1: Not enough or no technicians available

This seems to be obvious, but through our own observations, there is an exact number of technicians required per number of breakdowns to ensure up-time within 3 hours from start to resolution of breakdown.  The “magic number” has a few dependencies including current location of breakdowns, complexity of breakdown and breakdown backlog or as we call them, breakdown hangovers.

Failure 2: Breakdown Hangovers

A breakdown hangover is a breakdown that has not been attended to within 2 hours of reported breakdown. These breakdowns start accumulating as new breakdowns are added, and so each breakdown shifts out in attendance from the technician, thus extending the time for completion.

Failure 3: Not having the correct information upfront 

Limited key information  of the breakdown upfront such as exact location of breakdown, photos of issue and description of issue account for over half return trips to the workshop for additional parts, taking up more time and additional spend on the breakdown

Failure 4: Slow Alternate Decisions

Breakdowns can be complex in nature but typically, 85% of all breakdowns follow a similar workflow from start to end. There are breakdowns that are not standard due to the complexity of the breakdown, additional resource required or parts are not available. Decisions by management are crucial, furthermore, quick decisions are crucial to resolve the breakdown.

Each failure point in a breakdown cycle demands visibility to ensure the right decisions are made. RNR Apps gives you visibility of your breakdowns, end-to-end. If you would like to know more about us, the app, and its many applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be only too glad to assist you. 


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