5 Simple Steps to the Right Response to Breakdowns

Right Now Response Mechanic holding a phone showing RNR's mobile app

Fleet owners, whose very livelihood depends on the timely delivery of goods, not only understand the value of right now response to breakdowns but the complicated web of necessary communications to follow between driver, technician, owner, controller and dealer.

RNR is not a traditional roadside breakdown service. It incorporates RNR technology and the right people to assist in rapid resolution to breakdown issues, from the breakdown through to having the vehicle back on the road with complete visibility.

These then are the 5 simple steps to the right response to breakdowns.


Step 1 – The breakdown happens

The Controller or the Driver traditionally would need to search for or hold for help. Call centre music anyone? RNR is simple, give us information required to assist the technician and the breakdown experience begins. Help is on its way.

Step 2 – Interested parties are immediately notified.

The owner of the business, will be automatically notified and know what has happened, where the vehicle is, who has been assigned to help.

Step 3 – RNR ensures correct information is obtained. 

The RNR Responder is alerted to your issue in real-time and ensures that the Driver is safe and that the exact location is given. Asking the right questions is key. The more information RNR has on the nature of the issue and the location of the issue, the easier it is to mobilise the technician.

Step 4 – RNR starts connecting to technicians.  

The RNR Responders connect the technician to the breakdown. Real-time updates and live monitoring enable the responders to give live information to the controller or fleet owner including ETA, photos of the breakdown issue, resolution and further work required. Remember that all of this, thanks to the App, is practically happening simultaneously

Step 5 – Resolution of the breakdown. 

We continue to monitor and ensure that the vehicle is up and running. We only resolve once all parties are happy to resolve.

Get it Right Now!

The RNR experience is an app that connects people, technology and help RIGHT NOW. You are also able to get it Right now with a very simple sign-up process. – or if you would like to know more about us, the app, and its many applications, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be only too glad to assist you. 


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